SPA - Sanitas Per Aqua

The word Spa means "Enhancing or Improving health through water". The four main elements used in spa are steam, water, scent, and touch which releave pain and stress from the body. The spa's experience had been in progress since prehistoric times, where people made use of public steam baths to relax their body and spirit. The mineral waters and hot springs are considered to have a lot of medicinal properties. According to International Spa Association (ISA), Spa has been believed to improve the overall well-being, which is helpful in rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit.

Even though, the designs and features of spa have been changed according to time, but the benefits acquired through spa treatments still remains the same. The indigenous (native) people throughout the world made use of sweat lodges to purify their body and spirit.

Relax,Renew and Revive are the three main aim and purpose of every spa. Spa helps to manage stress and achieve a better work/life balance. Therefore, have a best spa treatment in order to have a more integrated and balanced life which helps you to restore your body, revive your mind and to energize your spirit.

Spa treatments are now available in almost all the corners of the world. There are lots of recent and trendy spas, it can be a comfortable high-class resort or resort hotel, which may be present near an ideal water source. Nowadays varieties of services are provided in the spa and you could choose the kind of treatment or you could tell your problem so that they will suggest certain therapies. The diversity of services assists to recover a sense of serene and wellness and restore a sense of equity.

Spa treatments have been developing over the years and are one of the major stress relievers .